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The Servant of Hypnos

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Cave, poppies, waters of the Lethe river

Soft, silken heads of poppies lining a strangely illuminated cave bob their welcome as you pass into the realm of altered states of consciousness -- a place of meditation, hypnotic journey and dreams. Softening light wraps you in a blanket of gentle and warm darkness inviting you to follow a soft voice guiding you to a place of your choosing. Follow it, drifting through the Underworld, through shadow, darkness and light, meeting people and exploring places normally hidden from the sight of everyday reality.

What you do with the journey is yours. 

Will yours be a trip to satisfy curiosity, to heal, to forget reality for a little while, to connect with the deepest part of yourself, or something else all together? 

Who will you choose to accompany you? 

The people and places of the Underworld each possess meaning and the ability to show you the light and dark within. Do you have the courage to invite them in?

Certified, clinical hypnotherapist guided sessions to invoke the god or goddess of your choice (all sessions are 60 minutes and are conducted in person or via Skype or Zoom).


                  225 USD

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Morpheus &

the Oneiroi


Your dreams are speaking to you. Nighttime musings of your soul to connect you with the divine, to heal your confusion and pain, to whisper messages to you when you are most likely to listen...while you sleep. 

But the messages of the Oneiroi, the bringers of dreams great and small, joyous and frightening, in their race from the darkness of their cave to your sleeping mind, are often 


There are those who are trained to interpret these messages for you. Modern day oracles who speak the symbolic language of Morpheus and the Oneiroi.

 Certified Dreamwork to untangle the symbols and messages delivered in the night (conducted via email, including an opportunity to ask 3 follow-up questions)


50 USD                           

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