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Meeting Gods & Traveling Landscapes

A few suggestions to get you started on who to see and where to go in your Underworld Journeys


Invoke Hades to:

  • Discover how he presents in your life

  • Heal family relationships

  • Face your personal demons

  • Change feelings of abandonment & grief

  • Develop detached compassion

  • Finding gratitude when you're in a place you don't want to be

  • Finding light in your own darkness

  • Bring Hades' qualities into your daily life


Invoke Persephone to:

  • Discover how she presents in your life

  • Heal mother/daughter & other familial relationships

  • Reclaiming innocence, joy & playfulness

  • Explore mediumship & intuitive development

  • Grow from maiden to queen

  • Choosing power over victimhood

  • Finding yourself: You are more than the roles you fill for others


Invoke Hekate to:

  • Discover how she presents in your life

  • Develop mediumship

  • Deepen a magickal practice

  • Work on your behalf in magickal workings

  • Assist you in finding what's hidden

  • Bring Hekate's qualities into daily life

  • Help you transition from traditional religion to non-dogmatic spiritual practice


The Lethe, River of Forgetfulness

The Cocytus, River of Lament

The Acheron, River of Woe

The Phlegethon, River of Fire

The Styx, River of Hate & Oath Taking

  • Travel to these rivers and release pain, sorrow, guilt, anger & grudges into their waters, watching them float away

  • Receive gifts that drift ashore to you


Sometimes beginning the journey is the hardest part

Invoke Charon to:

  • Take the first step in any undertaking

  • Visit the Underworld in general, just to see what you can see

  • A just for fun journey


Invoke The Erinyes to:

  • Find the root of your anger 

  • Develop personal rituals of purification to  eradicate guilt and shame based self  sabotage due to promises you've broken.

  • Heal transgressions- either those made against you or those you've made against others.


Invoke the Moirae to:

  • Explore the purpose in your life

  • Heal your past, present & future of this life

  • Explore past lives


Invoke Hermes to:

  • Guide you safely as you embark on your journey to the Underworld

  • Open to receiving messages from spirit

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