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Wendy Adair, CCHt - Psychopomp & Underworld  Tour Guide


I've had the pleasure of the presence of Hades and Persephone in my life since childhood. With a life long history of interest and experiences with the supernatural and things that are considered dark and fringe, my experience as a clinical hypnotherapist has given me the ability to facilitate client access to the transformative power of the Underworld in a rich and real way.

If you let them, Hades, Persephone and even the geography of the Underworld itself, can show you how to find beauty in the dark and move through your greatest fears to unlock the person who's been hiding inside you. 

Together, we can bring the value of myth out of the collective unconscious and back into the light of day so we can interact with their magic (and magick), toward deeper self understanding and engagement with the worlds around us-- both seen and unseen.  

Whether you're here because you want to share your love of Greek myth, are a Hellenist, want to explore your subconscious or experience the magick and energy these archetypes present, you are welcome here. I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Join Hades, Persephone and me on Facebook for conversation and community. 

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