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Black Poplar Gallery & Boutique

Pieces of the Underworld

Encaustic Paintings, Altar Items & Decor

Encaustic Paintings

About Encaustics

Encaustic art is based on the ancient Greek and Egyptian method of painting with molten wax, resin, and pigment. Melted wax is applied to a hard, porous surface and allowed to cool. Layers of color and texture can be built up, then fused together with heat. Other mediums, such as the charcoal, oils, pastels,and pigment powders seen in the above paintings, can be used with encaustics. Items can also be embedded in the layers of wax for a mixed-media piece.


Altar Cards & Other Altar Items

Use these altar cards and other altar items to help focus your magickal/spiritual intentions and devotionals. 

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Home Decor

Lovely darkness to place around your home, honoring your relationship with the Underworld and its residents

Black Poplar Reading Room

Underworld inspired fiction


Coming Soon!

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