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I am sure footed as I step onto the cave rock made slick by the mist swirling from the distant river that is just one of many destinations beyond the damp, dark cave. Shadows dance with torchlight and crystals encased in the rock wink playfully as I pass. They know. They know that within the dark the lightness, playfulness and love that I seek for my life is within reach, just past the screams, the red world of flame and blood, into the isle of the bless'd.

Joy, love, darkness, sorrow, laughter and tears all swirl together in the mists of the underworld. As in life, you cannot have one without the other. Housed in the Underworld are both sets of circumstances. 

I step onto the pier and hand over a copper obol. A thin hand opens for me and I take it, allowing him to guide me onto the small boat. I settle in and raise my face to the mist as we float quietly down the river

It is you, Persephone who personifies balance and surrender. You've made the best of terrible circumstances and not allowed them to define you. Your

I kneel before Hades, autstere upon his throne built by the souls who've come before me. He looks into me unwaveringly, but I flinch as my life moves in a long story. He feels it. The joy and sorrows fo childhood, the pride of accomplishment as I became a clinical hypnotherapist, the joy I take in witnessing others' successes.

Persephone smiled, her chin tilted up slightly ans she felt peace spread through me as I accepted my untraditional life and shared it, unabashedly with others. 

Because I am not dead, they accept what I hace to show them since first learning of them during my childhood. 

If I need to face things in life- like myself, my shadow, the pains of everyday life, they are my support.

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